Multi-level Marketing.....

I got a call from out of the ether
from my old friend, So-and-So.
So-and-So and I grew up together. I remember
at our 10 year high school reunion
six-and-a-half years ago (!!!)
we got
drunk and he admitted some residual bitterness
in high school
 I didn't always invite him to the parties
he wasn't one of the "cool" kids. But
I didn't really remember things that way. He had
his own group of friends and I sort of had mine
and I guess I didn't realize he wanted to be a part
of mine. Anyhow
he invited me to lunch. It had been since the reunion
that we had last spoke and
I was excited that he cared enough to want to
"catch up"
so to speak. So I met him for lunch
excited to hear all about his life and to tell
him all about mine when
he brought up a pyramid scheme he was involved in
--one of those barely legal "multi-level marketing"
pyramid schemes. He wanted to know if I
"wanted in." Which I didn't. I'm sort of dumb
but not quite that dumb. Dumb enough
I suppose
to think So-and-So had any legit interest
in catching up when
he was still sort of bitter about things that happened
High School.