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But what about the Assholes?

It cracks
me up
whenever I hear somebody say,
"How am I supposed to explain homosexuality to my kids?"
I don't know. Why aren't you more worried
about trying to explain assholes
to your kids?
I've explained homosexuality to my kids and they got it pretty
easily. I even explained transgendered
to my kids, and while trickier they seemed to grasp
it without much of an issue
(And I'm not even good at it. Picture
me with a five year old saying, "Well, now, some people are born 
looking like Dora, but they feel like Diego. Or, 
they're dressed like Batman on the outside, but inside they're Catwoman.")

 But have you ever tried explaining assholes to your kids?
Some kids are already assholes,
and I can't ever explain
to my kids why some other kids are already
"I really don't know why that kid licked
his finger
and wiped
it on your face, honey. His parents are probably
assholes too."
But that doesn&…

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